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Dr. Olvera is a board certified Rheumatologist who is experienced in treating all forms of inflammatory arthritis and osteoporosis. Appropriate patients may be offered a wide array of treatments. Joint injections with corticosteroids (also known as “cortisone”) are frequently performed in large and small joints. Patients with knee osteoarthritis may be eligible for viscosupplementation injections for treatment of knee pain. Unfortunately, Dr. Olvera does not perform back or spinal injections. Also, Dr. Olvera is now offering ultrasound guided injections to improve the accuracy and limit the pain during joint injection.

Some patients with certain forms of inflammatory arthritis can be treated with infusable (I.V.) medications in Dr. Olvera’s comfortable infusion suite. Such medications include Remicade (infliximab), Orencia (abatacept) and Rituxan (Rituximab). Some osteoporosis patients may be candidates for infusable medications including IV Boniva and IV Reclast.

Besides injections and infusions, Dr. Olvera sometimes uses his electrical stimulation machine to perform therapeutic treatments to various body parts to achieve local nerve block. Unfortunately, patients with pacemakers, cancer or history of blood clots do not qualify for these treatments.

Your arthritis may be treatable with any of the above treatments. Make an appointment today for a chance to improve your quality of life.