Patient Forms

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Patient Forms


If this is your first time seeing Dr. Olvera,please download our new patient packet, fill out all forms and bring them in to your appointment.  If you have any questions, please call (361) 574 -1893.


Already a patient? Use this form to update our information or status, and bring them in to your next appointment.  The patient health history update form is for patients who have already seen Dr. Olvera in the past and need to update health and condition-related information since the last visit. Please call (361) 574 -1893 with any questions.


Would you like to request another doctor send their records to Dr. Olvera for his review? If so, fill out this form. Please call us at (361) 574 -1893 with any questions.

NOTE: It is the patient’s responsibility to fill out this form and send it to the appropriate doctor or clinic. Sending or faxing this form is not a guarantee that the records will be sent to Dr. Olvera by the time of your appointment. Also, if records are being requested from another rheumatologist, please consider that some rheumatologists will assume that you are switching care and will refuse to be your doctor after that. Please call us at (361) 574 -1893 with any questions.